Astrological Counseling Services

1 reading for $122, 2 for $222

*Student Discount: $88, or sliding scale

Natal Chart: We will explore the archetypal planets in your chart, the aspects they make to each other, and how you might experience these things in your life. Discover hidden potentials, feel validated, connect to deeper meanings for your life.

Energy Reading: Soul essence, past life’s, and chakra readings with energy healing. Clear stuck energy and determine next steps.

Personal Transit: What’s going on for you today or any other dates you want to look at? We can take a look at the archetypal energies in your life. You might ask, how strong and for how long will a crisis or growth period last?

Other Readings: Bring your partner for a relationship reading. Book a session for an intro or lesson on archetypal astrology using your chart. Book half a reading for a focused question.

Rosarium Center

Before I read a past life, I use the symbol of a rose to look at the soul energetically. The center of the rose is like the heart of a mandala, the central spire in the middle of the petals. Your soul may show up differently on different days, so the image of the rose changes. The soul is also best symbolized by an astrological chart. The chart is like a mandala, with you in the middle somewhere on planet Earth. It is a map of your inner psyche and of the psyche of the cosmos. So with the rose and the map, a lot can be known; these are living images that indeed possess magic. Individuation calls for us to recognize that we grow in ways that aren’t linear and progressive, but rather nonlinear and cyclical. The more you gain awareness about these cycles in your own life, the more you use the rose compass, the more meaning and potential for your life can blossom. I believe astrology can be an alchemical tool used in combination with active imagination to form a powerful relationship to the unconscious, initiating and impelling self-awareness.

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Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me and do this reading! This was truly an amazing experience and a very inspiring one as well. It really motivates me that there are people like you out there that are doing this work! I hope to stay in touch!

-Stella C.

Thank you so much for the reading – it was informative, meaningful, and very inspiring. So much resonated with me and I’m excited to do further reading/research into archetypal astrology.

-Jessica R.

Danielle Meyer, MA, LPCC, PhD Candidate, Archetypal Astrologer

I have a masters in art therapy from Adler University and in depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. I currently work with eating disorders as a primary therapist in Boulder, CO. I am writing my dissertation on active imagination and archetypal astrology in C.G. Jung’s Black Books as part of Pacifica’s Jungian and Archetypal Studies PhD Program. I am a certified archetypal astrologer through The Institute for Transpersonal and Archetypal Studies and have studied there since 2017. I have attended InVision in Chicago and Boulder Psychic Institute in Colorado for psychic clairvoyance, and continue to study there. I have been doing astrological readings for about 10 years.